Filling, canning and packing lines

Best quality in filling and packing line adapted to your necessities designed for your industry.

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Depalletizing machine for jars and cans

Format: all commercial sizes.

Pallet dimensions: standard

Capacity: from 90 to 700 bottles/min. (According to diameters).


Washing machine for jars and cans mod. LEF and TWISTER

For diameters from ø40 to 160 mm and height 270- capacity: according to line capacity


Blancher machines for product, rotative and horizontal models

Different models and capacities.


Universal filling machine mod. RAM A-1

Cans and jars: ø 40 to 160mm

Capacity: till 8.000 kg/h

Another model is available for smaller capacity.


Weigher filling machine

Weigher filling machine


Paste and tapenade fille

Paste and tapenade filler with piston filler and oil dosser.


Counting Filler CNT, machine for jars and cans.

This machine fill a determinate number of fruits per packaging. Indicate for small packagings with products like olives, almonds, macadamian, etc. 

Formats:   ø52.5, 65, 73 

Production: CNT-24: 250 jars /min.   

                    CNT-32: 350 jars /min.


Doser machine for fluids

Overflow system with exchanger of heat (with plates or tubular).

Temperature control PID optional and filter.


Preparation tanks

Preparation tanks for brine and other fluids with heat exchanger, pump and mixer


Volumetric filling machine

For products like olives, nuts, almonds, 

macadamian and other several products.

Ø cans/ jars: 65, 73 (Other under request)

Telescopic vessel system

Weight control and automatic changeover optional.

Capacity: till 300 jars/minute


Multihead weigher machine for cans/ jars/ bags/ trays…

EXA-8: Ideal for small productions, only 50/ minute                                                     

 EXA-10: The most successful model. Average speed 80/minute.                                                    

EXA-12: For one line of bottles. For small product and high- speed, 100/ minute.

EXA-14. The best for difficult product and high- speed. 120/ minute.          

Max. vo.: 3000 cc.

Max gr.: 2000 gr.

Max speed: 120/ minute

99 programs memory

SSTT-304 (Options: 316-IP65- IP67) 


Volumetric filling machine conveyor input and output

Volumetric filling machine conveyor input and output


Filling machine mod. Tumber fill

Ø Jars and cans from 40 till 160 mm. 

Height till 270 mm.

Production: according to the format, till               

250-300 jars/min.


Semiautomatic filling machine for Bags type doy- pack.

This machine incorporates volumetric filler mod. DVB for filling product (telescopic vessels) and liquid (by timed valve). It has incorporated a sealer for the bags. This machine can be valid for filling bottles (cans/ jars/ etc) incorporating the synchronization system and the appropriate seamer.


Seamer machine for jars type twist-off

Different models and capacities according to request


Head spacer

Format: all / Capacity: s/line


Seamers machinery automatic; semiautomatic; new and second hand

Seamers machinery automatic; semiautomatic; new and second hand


Washers for filled containers

Washers for filled containers


Pasteurization Tunnel

Different models and capacities.

Usual measures: wide from 1600 to 2200 mm.

Long: until 22 m. The dimensions are calculated in terms of packaging and production.


Autoclaves for sterilization

Autoclaves for sterilization


Washing and drying tunnels

Washing and drying tunnels


Paletizer machines

Paletizer machines


Ink jet coder

Ink jet coder


Labelling machines

Depending on model and production requirements


Basket filler and unfiller machines for jars and cans.

2 layers/ minute. Magnetic plate measures 900x900