Diverse machines


Slitting machine RAL-1

Random slots

Capacity 1200 to 1500 kg/h


Slitting machine CAL-2000

Longitudinal slots (one or two)

Capacity till 2000 kg/h


Turning machine for drums

Drums ø600 heigth 1000 mm. with regulation              


Transporting and turning clamp

Transporting and turning clamp for drums for install in fork lift. 360º turn


Pulper machine. Tapenade machine

To produce paste of soft product like olives, tomatoes, etc…

Capacity according products till 500 kg/h


Cracking machine PRT-1

Capacity till 5000 kg/h


Washing system for deposits

Washing system for deposits


Weigher system

From 10 to 60 Tm/h